The service at Sexton Dental Clinic was rude, lack of explanation, and uncaring. Was not allowed to consult with family member. They removed all the teeth but four. The dentures were made wrong and have not fit from the time we left the clinic. It has been over four months now and we

are having a dentist in Jacksonville, Florida make dentures that are usuable. I would never recommend anyone to this place. It is a butcher shop. I have not been able to eat a solid meal

and have lost a lot of weight and had to have doctor

care due to not being able to eat. This has been

a very painful experience. Their no refund policy adds insult to injury and allows them to do whatever.


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Salt Springs, Florida, United States #802066

Wish I had read this before I went there.Cruel and crude work.

It I weren't so upset and sick I'd write more.

Just don't go there.Sjreamsnyder


very bad customer service wanting to charge 112.00 to pull a tooth.... will never return

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #641077

I went there 7 years ago and had 13 teeth pulled.Yeah, I hurt for a while.

And I did have to adjust my temp dentures with a nail file a couple times, but I got a great set of teeth at a ever greater price. The doctor was a smartass, but skilled. I am finally at the point where I can afford my permanent dentures and could not imagine going anywhere else to get them.

Best.Dental place.ever.


:cry :eek :sigh omg


Just came back. Very pleased with the experience. I had been under the understanding from local dentist that I needed a lot of work, to the point dentures would be easier.

The doctor at Sexton said no, they don't pull teeth just be pulling them, other than 4, the rest just needed filling.

Saved me a lot of money. I appreciate that and the honesty.

It's a busy place. The staff moves very quick to accommodate the number of people that show up. Don't expect it to be like going to your local dentist.

I know three others that have been there. That makes 4 of us. 3 are very pleased, one, not so much. But, he'd go back if he needed too :)


I've been to Sexton's three times now with my most recent yesterday.Everytime they have been great!

I never once felt uncomfortable. They have a very relaxed setting each time that helps with the process. The staff got me in and out in a flash and always asked me what I wanted to get done. I will gladly return for my dental needs.

Thanks y'all!:)


I took my son to Sexton on his 50th birthday to have his remaining teeth removed, and plates made. I needed new dentures, so thought this would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and spend some quality time with my son. The dentist looked in my sons mouth for about 2 minutes, and refused to pull his teeth - although they were worn down into the quick, and causing him much discomfort (he survives on orajel), dentist said he had good roots and refused to pull them. He went next door to a competitive clinic, and they were ready to go ahead immediately to the tne of $4500. So what I'm seeing here, is false advertising.

They offer to pull your teeth for $18 each, only specifying an additional fee if they are wisdom teeth, but when it begins to look complicated, they refuse to do it.

I went ahead and had my denture made. This is my 3rd set, so I didn't just fall off the punkin truck. I always have to "adjust" a bit with a dremel tool, but it always works

out. When they fitted the new denture, I couldn"t elieve it - they hurt everywhere, I even questioned if these were my dentures

I was assured they were. I had them grind on them some, and got nowhere. I had been

waiting off and on since 6AM, and this point was disgusted and wanted to go home. Told the girl I would work on them myself. She said I looked like the kind that owned a dremel tool, and sent me on my way. MISTAKE

I've been trying to fit...

The fit and finish are both terrible. They are very rough, both inside and out, still have white rubber used in impression molding stuck to them, and grind marks all over. They called me to ask how my dentures were,

(Elaine) When I explained she of course wanted to know when I could come back. 6 hrs each way, plus hotel room=cost of the denture, and this is not the bottom set, but the signature. It's cheaper to throw them away. SO If you're thinking about going to Sexton -DON'T. You wont be happy, and you are wasting your money.

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To any and all prospective patients of Sexton Dental who are reading these comments, I implore you to disregard any and all claims that this practice is a "scam". For two years I've been too self-conscious to smile because of horribly damaged/decaying front teeth.

Why? Well first, let me tell you what *IS* a scam: dental insurance. They take a chunk out of every paycheck, then cover just enough for maintenance...which I guess is useful if you don't have any serious dental problems, but do have too much money. Coverage doesn't begin until months after you've been paying for it. They offered no coverage for "unnecessary extras" like anesthesia for extractions. If you've arrived at this page and are considering Sexton, you already know this.

Two days ago, I went there and got full treatment over the course of about 8 hours, and that includes examinations, x-ray, consultation, 8 extractions, impressions, upper and lower immediate dentures, prescriptions, and aftercare plan. I took a picture of my big beautiful smile on my cellphone as soon as I was back in the car, and sent it to my mother. Total price: a little over $500.

Now check the math. If you think that's a scam, your problems are more mental than dental.

As for the quality of the staff, that's a separate matter. Some people have said they were rude.

Were they rude to me? No, not at any point. Maybe I just got lucky and got the right people on the right day. Maybe one of the...

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I went to sextons and had to be rushed to the hospital!!They suck!!

They killed somebody also!!

The doctors @ the hospital thought I was going to make it either!!Know roots are place upon them!!!


I made a trip to Sextons Dental Clinic on 6/02/11.I had read some of those whiney comment and I was concerned.I was welcomed at the front door by the lovely Elaine,smiling and joking at 6am.I went thru the paperwork and was told by a smiling lady which way to go.The whole clinic was so well organized you had very short waits between the people you have to see.The whole day was professional back I was made to feel wanted.

Dr.Scott was knowledgably,professional,caring and keeped a smile the whole time.As he worked he told me everything before it happened .I honestly felt nothing ,I felt nothing even from the 5 shot .I didn't know I had gotten the shots.When the extractions where done he had to tell me he was finished.If you are thinking about trying out Sexton's .There is nowhere in the country that match the Professionalism,Friendliness,Cleanliness and State of the art facility.

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