I am 70 yrs old. My present dentures were 25 yrs old. I checked all over the Tampa Bay, Florida area for inexpensive dentures. Found a few places for (economy) ones. But I wanted better ones. Came across Sexton Dental Clinics web site. By reading it over and over, I guess I convinced my self, that I could get a quality set of Dentures from them, at a discounted price. How wrong I was.

I drove from Tampa Bay, Florida, to Florence, South Carolina. A 9 hr drive. Planned to Stay in hotel for two nights, and come back home.

Upon arrival, checked out Sexton location. Signed in and filled out all the paperwork.

Arrived next morning at Sexton at 5:30 am. Place opens at 6am. Lines are long. Like a heard of cattle, you are signed in, and placed in waiting rooms. Working Techs, do not arrive until 7 to 7:30 am, and Doctors at 8am and after.

All impressions are done in the morning. No particular order. Doesn't matter how early you signed in. You get the luck of the draw as to when your dental impressions will be done. Mine were taken at 9am, and the wax try in were ready by 11am. Then I was told to leave and come back at 1pm. All dentures are not ready until after 1pm.

They called me in around 4pm for my dentures to be tried. When they put them in my mouth, I knew right away, that these were wrong. When I protested, a Dr. Came in. For what seemed like forever, he stated nothing was wrong with the dentures. When I showed him my present dentures, he told me, that my present dentures were all wrong for me, and the new ones were just great. I told him, that no way in ***, was I going to accept these dentures. I am a retired nurse, so I think I am smart enough to know when something is not right.

After telling me how I don't know anything, he stormed out of the room.

About 3 minutes later, the tech came back in, and told me, they would make me new ones, But I would have to return the next day. Another $120.00 motel room night that I did not plan on.

Prior to going in for my denture fit, while in the waiting room, I talked to two other patients, who received dentures that did not fit. So that was 3 of us in one day.

Well, to end this quicker. New day, new impressions, new dentures. These were twice the size of my original dentures. But they did fit. The bottom ones were digging into my lower mouth tissue. I told them, and they tried to adjust that section of the dentures.

The upper plate only stays in with adhesive, and of course, a bottom plate requires adhesive.

Overall, I have to state, That it was the biggest mistake of my life, to think I could travel all that distance, and save money on quality dentures.

My trip there cost me $1157.00, that included the $525 for the dentures, the rest being gas, food, and lodging.

The dentures I got from Sexton Dental, lay in a Tupperware container in my bedroom dresser drawer. I just had them made, August 7, 2014.

I will keep them there, and continue to wear my old dentures.

By the way, the only reason I wanted new dentures, is because my upper plate has a hairline crack in them, and I was afraid they would break at any time.

But I would never recommend anyone to drive a long distance from your home, to get new dentures. You have no recourse to fix them if they are wrong. And Sexton Dental Clinic is not the place to go. The dentures they made me, are a D grade type of Dentures. The lowest quality.

There is no fool, like an old fool. Tampa Bay area Resident, venting

my emotions. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sexton Dental Clinic Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $525.

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I wish I had read your review prior to my visit. I had the same experience.

The place is horrible. Everyone is rude. Nobody listens to you. It's an assembly line operation for poor quality dentures.

Customer service is nonexistent.

They have no compassion. I'd never seen anything like it and I will never go back


There are always suckers who think they can get something good for 25% of what every other businessman is charging. Never works that way.

Dentistry is an expensive service to provide, and Obamacare taxes just made it more expensive.

Thanks for admitting your mistake. Most foolish denture patients never do that.

Macclenny, Florida, United States #922259

Thank you so much. I was debating on going to Sextons. I appreciate your review.

to Debbie Florence, South Carolina, United States #1315743


Lugoff, South Carolina, United States #903072

Im so sorry you drive 9 hours for such a horrible experience. I only drove about an hour for essentially the same treatment.

I had to have an extraction and a lower partial. I never once wore the partial that i paid for! It was so huge that i couldnt close my mouth. After shaving and adjusting and so on so forth, the morons finally just cut the back two teeth off of the partial.

Which UTTERLY negated the purpose of the partial to begin with.

to mimi Florence, South Carolina, United States #1315745

Me too. I can't close my mouth but they argued that it fits.

Miami, Florida, United States #859103

Well I guess you had the 99.99 set made, I too went to sexton Dental 8/3/2014. Same lines and I was #32 that day out of 70 or so they treated, yes I got the mid grade partial dentures, and a tooth extracted.

It cost me 455.00 for a new upper partial and a lower partial, all total. Two days there and a side trip to Georgia. All told it cost me with a rental car and level 3 suite, less than 1,200 bucks including the dentures. Now you tell me, In Miami I was quoted between 6k and 12k from three dentists to fix my teeth and make temp, then permanent dentures, believe me when I say I saved a ton of money.

The guy there pulling teeth made me laugh, and the dr. that saw me first really wanted me to stay and have other fillings I needed done upstairs as they all know all too well what a rip off FLORIDA DENTISTS really are.

I have had to adjust my lower too, myself. But tell you what, at my age, and the price i ended up paying and the money we saved I would recommend this place to everybody I know.

No matter how you say it, you maybe got a bad set of teeth or you could be one of those who no matter what they did you would complain. Sounds like to me you need to go over to a local rip off and get exactly what you want, 10k dentures and all you really need is an adjustment.

It took me some time to get used to these new teeth, but I'll tell you what I can eat without them falling out, wires not breaking off, and them coming loose all the time. thanks Sexton you have a patient for life with me.

Even if I go every year for the next five years (average replacement time) I am still ahead of the game using sexton, oh and now???? My smile is back I don't have to hide those ugly teeth anymore.

to red423 Lugoff, South Carolina, United States #903074

Bad experiences abound at this clip joint.

to red423 Macclenny, Florida, United States #922265

Well good for you . I think you are most likely 1 in a 100 that are happy with Sexton dental clinic.

I live in Florida . Im not sure what kind of dentists you received your quotes from . But I too have received quotes from several dentists in Florida and no way were the dentures ect going to cost 6k to 12k . Not all dentists in Florida are rip offs.

Sorry yours was. Not sure what kind of dentures you referring to lol . I also had a terrible very frightful experience with Sexton dental clinic. Paid for the very best they had .

Partials lasted a year then broke in half. Also the dentist that pulled the teeth was extremely rude and purposely hurt me when I would tell him I was still not numb enough to pull the tooth . So you were very lucky red423.

As evidenced in so many bad reviews of Sextons. There is no way I and many others will go back.

to Debbie Florence, South Carolina, United States #1315747

I also had the same experience there. The sadist "Dr" Scott forced my mouth open & extracted my tooth although I told him I was not numb.

It was traumatic & painful.

The denture they made doesn't fit & my mouth does not close but I'm too traumatized to go back. I will save up to replace it elsewhere.

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