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I had read some horrible complaints regarding Sexton. I begged my husband not to go, but he insisted it would be fine.

He was in the normal pain afterwards, so I wasn't too worried. When he was supposed to put his dentures in, he complained that they didn't fit correctly. He thought he felt a bone in one of the tooth cavities. He went back to Sexton (1 1/2 hour drive) and could not get in to see anyone.

He returned again a week later and they did some minor adjustment and said he would have to come back several weeks later to do a proper adjustment. They didn't notice the root protruding from the tooth cavity. He figured it was his imagination and just went without his dentures. He went back to them at the appointed time and they did an adjustment.

He tried to wear them but they kept slipping and were painful. He had purchased the "top of the line" dentures but when he wore them (once) they looked unnatural and protruded from his mouth. We had to attend his son's wedding without his teeth because he could not eat. I convinced him to go to our family dentist and there was a root left in his mouth from the Sexton extraction.

The dentures still do not fit his mouth and are totally useless. I hope that people will read this post and avoid Sexton Dental Clinic.

The money you save is not worth the pain and embarrassment you suffer.

Review about: Sexton Dental Clinic Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #811238

I went to Sexton Dental Clinic in 1999 for the sole purpose of saving money. My regular dentist was going to charge me $100 per extraction, (x13) plus $2500 for my dentures, which I would have had to wait 6 weeks to get.

I liked the fact that with Sexton's, I could get dentures the same day so I could avoid the embarrassment of going toothless for that long. Not to mention at that time, they only charged $15 per extraction and $250 for their signature dentures.

At that time, I felt traumatized by the experience and I certainly knew how people felt when they talked about being cattle. I wasn't prepared for how emotionally traumatizing it would be to have all of my teeth pulled to start with, much less how painful it would be.

True to their word, after an entire day of waiting in one line or another, I was taken back and my new dentures put in with fixodent. I was warned against taking out my dentures because my gums would swell beyond what the dentures could hold.

They are made to accommodate a certain amount of swelling. You are also talking about putting plastic directly on wounds, and that is going to hurt, no matter what you do.

So, my dreams of eating steak the weekend after getting my new dentures went out of the water. However, I learned quickly that I needed to "fill" in the gaps as my gums shrank with fixodent. I also tested many different methods and found that the powder worked best on top, while the paste worked best on the bottom.

They told me up front that the set I had purchased was temporary and that I needed to come back and get fitted again once my gums healed and the swelling subsided. I had some pretty wicked fitting dentures, but after two years I decided to finally get my permanent set.

Of course, that set fit a lot better. My face didn't look like I was pursing my lips all the time and people never know I even have dentures unless I tell them. Now, 14 years later, I am going back for a new set.

I will go to Sexton's for them, too. All of the pain and ill-fitting dentures could have definitely been avoided had I gone to my regular dentist for my work, but I would have had six weeks of not having any teeth at all, plus I would have had to pay $3300 plus dollars just to still have to get another set in a couple of years. Gum swelling is a painfully slow process to go down. I'm glad I took the route I took.

Not only did I save money, but even though I looked different for a while, I didn't have to be in public without my teeth. You get what you pay for. By the way, it is not uncommon for you to shed bone shards after having extractions. I shed my share, and would simply wait until they surfaced and then pull them out with tweezers.

I had the same problems when my regular dentist did extractions, so I knew what to expect. I hope this helps.

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