I traveled one n a half hrs and started my cattle call!!I had the urge to turn n run and boy do I wish I did!!!

The bad experience started when I got to the third stop! Had X-ray then impression! So far so good! I did think it was rather unusual that I hadn't been introduced to any staff!

But thought maybe they had no people skills! Then when I got to the short haired grumpy faced lady, with entirely to much makeup on, and again sorry for no names but no one introduced themselves! She puts this wax in my mouth and it felt like she was mushing my face blind she then rips it out of my mouth! In the process broke my eye tooth!!

When I said oh my goodness u broke my tooth!?!?! She replied " no I didn't"! So I then spit the remaining pieces out in my hand and said oh yeah what's this? She then just handed me my paper n said go to the front get in line and pay!!

So unfortunately I did!! The guy taking the money acted as if he hated people and his job!!! Then again everyone there did!!! And again I let that go!

I was then told come back after one! Do thank goodness my mom took me to lunch because that was the last solid thing I ATE 11 days ago!! Upon returning I was the third to last to be called! When I got in the chair the very rude and unprofessional dentist Dr.Hester came in and began shoving needles in my mouth!

I literally went uhh! Because the needle in the roof of the mouth hurts! He told me to shut up or he would not work on me because his nerves couldn't handle it! And again it wasn't a scream, just a grunt!!

He walks out and a fee minutes later made it back around to me! He started to pull a tooth and I stopped him because I was not numb! He then askd are u sure u know the difference between pressure n pain! Now at this point I'm pissed!

I said yes! Do u know the difference between your nose n mouth?!?!?! So he said fine I will give u more numb it med but if this doesn't work then we are done with you! N boy do I wish that's what happened!!

After he was done ripping all my teeth out and stitching me from one side to the other he walked out! The lady in there shoves gauze in my mouth n hands me a red bag and said no go wait! I go back n wait n then the rudest person ever calls me back! I'm still pouring blood!

It had only been 30 minutes! She pulls the gauze out and says yep your fine and then shoved the dentures in my mouth! She held a mirror up which I snatched out of her hand and immediately started to cry!!! The gums on the dentures were huge!

It was like someone was playing a very cruel joke!!!! When I expressed that they were ginormous she said nope your just swollen n have to get used to dentures and then tried to snatch the mirror out of my hand!!! I held the mirror and pointed at the dentures and said my gums are swollen yes but the dentures don't swell and then go down!! She then pushed me out of the chair and insisted I leave!!

I was so humiliated I covered my face and found the quickest way to my car!!! About 8 hrs after that I took a pic of myself and my denture gum was so huge that my face was disfigured ! I could not physically close my mouth and my nose was pointing up!!! I have since taken necessary steps but I really wish I could get one do over in life!

Cause I would use it for this! I still am only eating pudding n potatoes! Cause these dentures don't fit and have now caused blisters!!!! It was the worst experience ever!!!!!!

The dentist is scary enough and then to be traumatized the way I was! There's no reason for anyone to be treated the way I was!!!!

Everyone there needs to be fired and they need to start all over with a new and educated happy staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sumter, South Carolina, United States #939026

When I had my teeth removed, I told my oral surgeon I had heard of this place in Florence that I was going to go to for my dentures.And he BEGGED me not to do it!

He said they are animals over there, and I would not believe how many of his patients need to come back to him to fix what Sexton did! He then gave me the name of another place in Florence, that is just down the street from these butchers, and treat you 100% better! So that is where I am going to go!

Let us all hope this will end Sexton Dental once and for all.I believe the name of the other place is shealy dental

Loganville, Georgia, United States #937859

I agree with all of these people.There is no way to describe how awful these people are.

They could care less about you, your feelings, your pain or dignity.

They are really inhumane.

It was not that way in years gone by..before they moved into the new building and got so BIG..

I know all this from experience and other close friends who have been there..

I just don't know how they stay in business!!

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #830456

I had somewhat of the same experience.Everything was great except for the girl that did my impressions an for the lady that gave me my dentures...

I asked the one lady what the difference was between the dentures I was to choose from an she couldn't even tell me an did not get anyone that could...after having everything done an went to get my dentures the lady was rude shoving them into mouth to the point that I gagged an almost threw up.. When I looked in the mirror I was horrified the gums were huge an they stuck out of my mouth... I was unable to close my mouth at all. When I asked about this they too told me it was because of my gums being swollen.

I wore them for a couple days but I couldn't eat..so I took them out for about a week... When I put them back in they were huge. They didn't fit in my mouth at all. When I tried to close my mouth the back would hit an would not allow my mouth to close...

Also they still stick out so far that I can't even close my lips... I have not wore them for three months now an I'm getting ready to go back an have them ajusted ... If they don't do something about this I'm going to call a lawyer...

This is not a good place to go...Make sure that you know what your getting into because the staff won't explain anything to you not even how to take care of your dentures....very unhappy


Very similar to what happened to my husband.Except the dentist accidentally blackened my husbands eye because his elbow came back into his eye when he was snatching his tooth! The gums on the dentures are ao big he looks like a ape when he tried to wear them!

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #817842

i went there 20 may ,and at first it seemed great xrays etc. when it came time for the dentist to pull my teeth the nightmare began,the dentist pulled the top ,no problem one wisdom teeth on the bottom,i tried to tell the dentist that he did not numb that one,or i could feel the tool he was using,,since he had it in the vice of the tool he pulled it anyway,pain i never felt in my life,this is about making money,and as quick as possible that is why they take a high no. of patients......this place is horrible and its not what they advertise .


It sounds to me like you had really bad teeth and you're trying to blame someone else for the fact that you didn't take care of them!Sexton Dental Clinic is NOT a private dentist.

It is a dental clinic. I don't really think staff in a clinic with that many patients a day is going to come in and introduce themselves to every patient. They are very low cost compared to a private dentist so you have to adjust your expectations accordingly.

If you want your hand held you should go to a private oral surgeon and shell out the big bucks.I have been to the clinic and everyone was very professional and most people are very happy with what they get which is over and above what they paid!

to Mouse #822981

Terrible staff and terrible dentist! Doubt these dentist would make it in another office!

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