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I am very unsatisfied with the treatment I received from Dr. Scott at Sexton Dental Clinic. I went to the clinic to have all my teeth extracted and to get a full set of dentures. I did not expect to be treated so rude and unprofessionally. I went to have my teeth done not to be judged.

Instead of removing all my teeth Dr. Scott would only remove 12. I informed him that the other teeth were also causing me excruciating pain. He said they were fine. He would not answer any questions I had. I asked him exactly which teeth he was going to pull and he would not tell me. He said he was the dentist, not me. He said we would do things his way or I could go elsewhere. I could not afford to go elsewhere at the time and couldn't take the pain any longer so I let him do it his way. (big mistake)

They ended up making an upper and lower partial. They only left 2 of my real teeth on top and 1 of those is half broke off with a cavity. I tried to tell him that all of my teeth bother me, but Dr. Scott was not concerned with what I had to say.

I returned 1 week later due to the fact that the teeth he refused to extract were still causing me terrible pain, and on top of that the partials did not fit at all and were cutting into my gums with the sharp edges. When I reurned Dr. Scott refused to even look in my mouth. I was sent away still in awful pain.

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doctors truly have a very difficult job as it is without all of the added unnessary stress of tolerating patients who think that theyknow more than the doctor!! if you felt like you knew more than he did then maybe you should have treated yourself! okay I take it that you don't have that type of training, then you should have taking his advice and consult another dentist and get a second opinions or shut up and let this trained perfessional do his job.


He is the dentist that removed the extra teeth from the woman who was awarded two million dollars from his mistake. I hardly believe that he tries to save what teeth he can.

He is a rude, arrogant, abusive and rough man who I seriously think has mental issues. I am reporting him to the SC department of labor licensing and regulation


read all the bad reviews on Dr. Scott everyone is entiteled to there opinion.

busy day complaining clients in pain not taking a professional opinion from the Doctor they went to see.Clients think they know best. Let the man do his job, thats what he is for, if you do not like the consultation then go elesewere!I found him cold and uncaring untill I spoke with him,he is a very kind caring person trying to help people that are in an unfortionate situation maybe no fault of there own or just plane neglet from not taking care of their mouth to begin with.The man may not have a cheerfull bedside manner but that is not what I put out my hard earned money for.

It was for Dr. Scotts professional KNOWLEDGE.Bless this man for putting up with unruly clients.!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #309515

:upset I totally agree with your complaint!!!


I found Dr. Scott and the entire staff at Sextons Dental Clinic professional,kind caring and sometimes a little humorous.The whole staff worked together like a well oiled mechine.I went for dentures and was told dentures were not an option.They extracted 4 teeth the rest were cosmetic or healthy teeth.I got partials which ended up costing one fourth of my planned budget.Anyone with an unhappy experience either came in with a chip on your shoulder or had unrealistic expectations. The only unpleasent thing I experienced was the wait,because everyone else in the country knows what I know about these wonderful ,kind ,careing and compassional people.I look foward to going back for refitting.They treated me like family.


I just went on Friday, March 6th, 2011 and had Dr. Scott for my exam and extractions. This is my experience:

Exam - I found him to be neither rude nor friendly. He was all business like and straight to the point. I had went to get my upper teeth pulled and denture and a partial for my lower. He told me right away after examing and looking at my xray that he would not be doing that as he would not pull teeth that were still good. He stated which teeth he would pull, I asked him "what about the other ones that were causing me pain?" and he said that my teeth needed a cleaning and the teeth that are causing me pain that he isnt removing have cavities which can be taken care of without extracting. Then that was that.

***NOTE - I am sooooo glad he didn't just pull all my teeth that I had wanted him to do. It really is better for you to save as many teeth as you can.

Extraction - I was called back. Dr. Scott came in and warned me that the shots were the worst part of it. He told me to open up, I did then asked if I could open up a little more (wasn't rude about it) so I did and he thanked me. He did the shots and they hurt in my opinion, but he asked throughout if I was alright, telling me I was going good and when the more painful shots came (roof of mouth and up the side of your nose ones), he warned me that these would hurt more and when my eyes instantly started to tear, he told me he understood and was sorry but was almost done. He was VERY nice and showed compassion in my opinion. When that was done, he left to go see some other patients while I finished numbing up. When I was numbed up, he came back and explained some then go to work. Started to pull the upper right wisdom tooth first, I whined a little cuz the pressure of it hurt. He asked again if I was alright, I said yes and he continued. Then he did my 4 other extractions and then my left lower wisdom. Throughout the whole process he kept asking if I was okay, told me I was doing a great job, told me when he was almost done, etc.

If anyone wants to ask me questions about my day and experience, they can email me at

This was the best thing I did for myself and teeth in a very long time. I would recommend to anyone I know!

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