poorly fitted dentures-tell you to get use to them even though they tear up the inside of my mouth-they lie and have very poor quality-certainly not worth the aggravation and rudeness of the dentists. they need to have someone looking over their shoulder from the state because they are ripping off the people.

My bottom denture has the teeth sticking out forward so it pushes my bottom lips out. Dentist told me they fit fine... sorry i ever went there...wish I could have the state look into their poor practice .

It has been since May, 2010-with 2 sets of dentures and $600.00 and I still cannot chew correctly which is causing major digestive problems.

Review about: Sexton Dental Clinic Dentures.

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You know, this is an example of what is wrong with these cry-baby sites. You can make a claim without any substantive proof and the professional cannot respond due to the complaint due to HIPAA (Health Information Protection Act).

It is obvious you are unhappy but you must have trusted the doctors and staff at Sexton Dental Clinic or you wouldn’t have gone back for a second set of dentures. Wish you had more in your post than D E N T U R E D O N T F I T. It’s clear you do not believe the dentures fit properly. You are dissatisfied; therefore, you make exaggerated accusations and question the quality of care rendered at Sexton Dental Clinic.

Is your post really a quality review of Sexton Dental Clinic or are you just a malcontent bent on some sort of revenge? Why not continue to work with your doctor to see if you can achieve real results you can be happy with?

to please... Columbia, South Carolina, United States #598949

you must work there

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