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A well known dentist in my home town had recommended that all my teeth be pulled. The problem:it was going to cost me $6000.00.

I decided to go to Sextons to have it done a lot less expensively.After the xray and exam that wasn't an exam, he informed me that my teeth didnt need to be pulled and that he wouldnt pull them. I told him bout the dentists recommendation.

In an extremely rude and hateful way he told me to get her to pull them.I don't understand how they manage to stay in business with the attitudes they have.

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i have just found out i need perio scaling and root planning. i am on ssdi and cannot afford to have it done even with my medicare and they don't take medicade.

will sexton pull all my teeth and put in regular dentures? i don't know what to do.

my step-mom has been going to you for years. thank you


Ok, now I’m a hateful Sexton employee. You still haven’t actually used any facts to support any of your accusations.

You refuse to make a logical argument for your disdain of Sexton Dental Clinic. Given specific questions about your experience you choose to continue your rant by accusing me of creating a Sexton ruse. I am no ruse, I just think you should be able to support your complaint with facts rather than emotion. So here is another chance to support your accusations.

First, reprint anything I have written that is hateful and in as few words possible explain how it is hateful.

Second, answer the previous question. Since your visit to Sexton, what have you done to resolve the dental maladies that lead your “well known dentist” to believe all your teeth must come out?


Yep, just another example of sexton dentals ruse, hateful attitude.


I think i've got this figured out. You must be an employee of Sexton Dental. You protest way too much for somebody that doesn't know anything about this.Yep, got your number.


Ok, now the doctor never even examined your teeth. Care to throw some more on the pile?

Why is it that the Sexton doctor is the problem here? Did you post a complaint about the doctor that said your teeth have to be extracted? Why not, “Oh my great goodness! My dentist is a rip off!

I went to him and he said all of my teeth have to come out and he wants $6000 to do it. I saw another doctor at Sexton dental Clinic and he said he disagrees and said I can keep some or all of my teeth with proper care! Thanks Sexton Doc!”

You actually took time to write about nothing. The doctor did nothing to you except perhaps be rude.

Let’s assume the doctor at sexton dental Clinic was rude. Ok, I meet rude people every day. I don’t blog about it. It doesn’t consume me to the point that I post a complaint online and then check it often to see if anyone has responded.

How narcissistic is that? Furthermore, was he rude or did you simply not like what he had to say? It’s a rhetorical question really. What’s not rhetorical is the question, what have you done to seek the care the “well known doctor” recommended since leaving Sexton Dental Clinic?

Have you done anything about your oral health?

Have you sought yet another dentist and has that dentist agreed to extract your teeth? Just wondering.


Yes the dentist here said they should be pulled because i have quite a bit of bone loss. evidently you ignored the part that said she wanted $6000.00 to do it.

I live on social security and I don't have 6000. Also the dentist at Sextons didn't even examine my teeth.


You actually took the time to complain that one dentist disagreed with another dentist? If you are ***-bent for dentures go back to the doc that said they need to come out!

Furthermore; You mean, although the Sexton doctor could have generated income from the extraction of your teeth, he actually told you to seek treatment elsewhere to save your teeth? That is heinous! I personally see this as a good review of Sexton Dental Clinic.

If I don't have to have my teeth out, Im keeping them. Kudos to the Sexton Doc!


So why ***? Get the dentist that recommended you pull the teeth to take them out!

Then, if you can prove the Sextondentist was correct, you could sue the dentist that actually pulled your teeth and make some money on the deal. That's fair right?

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