I went in to the Myrtle Beach, SC Clinic early one morning & had impressions done & went back 2 hours later & then had 16 teeth pulled & they then placed my dentures in my mouth, packed it & sent me home.I went back 2 weeks later for a fitting/adjustment & then again 30 days later.

I paid almost $1000 for all of this and it has now been a year & I am still not able to wear the dentures. The teeth look nothing like my teeth...what was the purpose of impressions & no joke they look like the doggy dentures on TV, again what was the purpose of the impressions if they look nothing like mine & don't even fit my mouth. You can honestly put one finger between my gum and the denture itself. I think it is a shame that they take your money but yet you don't get nothing that you pay for.

I contacted them several times for a parital refund and they said I signed the forms & that wasn't allowed.Would never ever recommend this place to anyone, they apparently are just in it for the money and the dentist himself was really ruff!!!!

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I sympathize with everyone out there who is unhappy with their dentures, it' not an easy thing to get used to.It took me almost a year before I was comfortable with mine (which I got at Sexton).

But the people I know who are not happy are not even trying to wear the dentures. You will never get used to them if you keep taking them out, and they are not your real teeth, so of course they do not look like or feel like it. But you will be able to eat what you want, and smile without being embarassed and not be in pain anymore.Hang in there and give it time.

Get th reline when you re supposed to and keep getting them if you have to until they are right.Its not gonna happen in a week or even a month.


This man is absolutely correct, sexton dental is a bunch if of quacks and after having my teeth pulled and being treated like cattle all day I now have a mouth full of alien teeth.I WOULD have paid twice what the price was to NOT have has them do this.

I work with the public and do not know what to do.

Yes, anyone can write what they want but if we were even partially satisfied with these butchers, why would we take the time?I just want you to stop, please do not go to sextons...i dont have any reason to say this except but to save you from the humiliation yo uy

to Laurel Florence, South Carolina, United States #997931

I agree totally.Herded like cattle and yelled at like we were hard headed children.

They expect you to know the process and hurried at every step. They gave me the craziest top plate that doesn't fit my mouth and it has a huge over *** that makes me look like a beaver. I was told that's the way they are suppose to look.

If you are there for the price like I was it is NOT worth it.I would rather have my broken teeth painful teeth than look like this.


I disagree with 2bad from greenville, south carolina and their response.I had extractions at the Sexton Dental Clinic in Florence, SC in 2005, and I am still wearing the 1st set of dentures I was given at that time.

I live in Michigan, and have not been back since, but was instructed to do so. However, I have never had a problem with my dentures not fitting correctly. My spouse had his done the following year, and has all kinds of problems with his. It isn't the clinics fault all the time is dentures don't fit.

Sometimes it is the way the gums heal, but not everyone will have the same outcome.Maybe some year, I'll have to be fitted again, but they've been working great for the past 6 years, so you're theory is incorrect.


You know, this is an example of what is wrong with these cry-baby sites.You can make a claim without any substantive proof and the professional cannot respond due to the complaint due to HIPAA (Health Information Protection Act).

Your complaint is shared by many, not just the denture patients at Sexton Dental Clinic. Every person that finds themselves in dentures for the first time immediately following extraction of all their teeth realize that the first dentures just do not fit well, and over time the dentures fit worse. This is because after an extraction the bone in the area of the tooth that was extracted resorbs (shrinks in height and width) as you heal. It does this rather rapidly, initially, and slows over time.

It is for this reason the first denture is considered temporary. Once you have healed about 12 months after extraction the resorption will have slowed to a speed at which it will take years before you notice a real difference. Note: maxilla and mandible (upper and lower jaw) will continue to resorb your entire life. For those that live long enough, you may reach a point where the jaws may be so atrophic (small) that there may not be enough support for a denture.

This is exactly why YOUR dentures do not fit. No immediate denture fits well over time. You simply cannot build a sturdy house on a weak foundation. I am sure this information was shared with you at Sexton Dental Clinic; however, it may not have been what you wanted to...

I wonder if you were hoping it to be the doctor’s fault so you could blame him for your condition rather than accept your own culpability.The good news is that the next dentures you buy will fit better and for a longer period of time.

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