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Took the day off to go get a partial to replace 3 teeth that were pulled. Had already done research and read reviews... Some food and some bad. I still took a chance. Got there at 6 to find they had opened at 5:30 so there was a long line. The staff was very friendly form what I saw. They explained everything exaxtly the way I had read online. It definitely is an all day experience but for the price and the fact that you are getting custom made dentures or partials the same day, I'm not sure what it is people expect. The pricing was exactly... Read more

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do not come here it is a waste of *** time. I had a partial done with only four teeth and had to come back three times for them to get it right, I stay two hours away so that was gas and time bc I worked third shift . These ppl will take your money and make you wait all day long just to get dentures that don't fit or of bad quality worse experience ever ! Add comment

Was going to come to this place from New York but after reading all of the reviews, think I'll pass. Add comment

Arrived at 6;20 am after driving 3 hours to get there. Stood in a LONG line until 7:25 am when they announced they were not doing anymore dentures today!! So a 3 hour trip there and a 3 hour trip home and one full tank of gas later, needless to say, I am pissed! But, they so graciously said we could come back on Monday. Why? So it can happen again? the only way you can get in and get something done T THE DOOR AT 4:00 AM. (THEY DON'T OPEN TIL 6 AM) Read more

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Went to Sexton Dental in Florence SC 1/29/16 office staff was very plesant. The tech doing my impressions for dentures was extremely nice and plesant. Even the Dentist was very polite and talked asking how my dentures felt. It was a very good experience formy husband and I. Add comment

I went to Sexton clinic in December 2015 it was a good expirience for me other than getting sick because of how cold it was inside, the staff was great and i had 9 teeth pulled and a upper partial made that was perfect i was very happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone and i would go to them again. I live in Kissimmee Florida and stopped in there on the way back from NC where i had gone for Christmas there great . Read more

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I drove 4 hours to come to sexton clinic...i was told to have my back teeth removed and then they would give me denture.i had my teeth pulled and drove to virginia from florida .I called the reception told me if my sister could stand doing the molds for her denture they would make hers.since she had her teeth pulled recently .We drove the 4 hours back to sexton clinic just to both be told they wouldnt do our dentures at sister still has gums that are not completly healed..but they do one day service on pulling teeth and making your... Read more

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Staff up front is the rudest hatefullest people to deal with. And worst part we had to come back for their mistake and was treated even worse. Will never recommend anyone to go there. Add comment

Not good! You better just take the Dentists commands or they become somewhat agressive in attitude. No choice in appliances. If you want some dental work done before fitting appliance, they cant book you for ONE MONTH! Everything I was told by 2 other (more expensive) Dentists in my area , essentially same plan to replace my poorly- fitting partials.....was not even a choice here! I wasnt even allowed to discuss it! They wanted to pull my teeth! Just because it is slightly loose and " would make my lower partial not fit". What?? Please give me... Read more

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DENTURE ***! BEWARE! Avoid Sexton Denture Clinics by all means necessary. The dentists treat their patients as if they are concentration camp victims waiting for slaughter. I'm surprised they didn't painfully and aggressively tattoo my patient number to my forearm preexam. RUN! - DON'T WALK!! Read more

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