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My wife and I have had many procedures done at Sexton Dental Clinic. From a single extraction to a full mouth. From Partials to Full dentures, (only uppers) and lowers, (partials). they have been 1/5th to 1/3rd the coast of my regular Toledo, Ohio Dentist. they always fit better than my full price dentist. I had dentures at a full price dentist that would were not wearable at all, no such trouble at Sexton Clinic teeth. Sexton Clinic is just... Read more

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Been waiting for over 3 1/2 hrs and noone has talked to us. Got here early for a very simple reline and watched as the waiting room cleared out. This is the THIRD time I've driven two hrs to sit in this place for a 15min procedure. Asked many workers about the wait time only to get rude responses. FED UP!!!!!

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My mother was going to get an upper and lower denture replace. After the Assistant had her take the dentures out. The doctor came in within 5 minutes from behind her chair, he said open up your mouth and he push the plate of wax into her mouth forcefully. She sub stained a cut on both sides of her mouth. She told him it was hurting and to stop. He was totally unprofessional; he never introduce himself nor did he apologize for her cuts in the... Read more

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STAY AWAY!!! Money hungry clinic that treats you like a herd of cattle. They don't take appointments instead they tell you to be there at 6:00 am. We arrive at 6 and there are already 50 to 60 people in line. So like dumbasses we get in line and after 45 min in line they send someone out to say they are sorry but they cannot take anymore today n they are already feel ok for the next day. Did I mention that both my mother and I are disabled... Read more

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Can you please give me the address of where you had your services done? Sgt. Castle ________________________________________ From: Peter Scott [] Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 11:40 AM To: patrol Subject: Claims for Assault To Whom it may concern : My name is Mrs. Julette M. Scott and I came to Myrtle Beach for dental service at the Sexton Dental Clinic on Tuesday May 3, 2016 . My one day plan turned in to three days due... Read more

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I was treated like a cog in a machine not a person. The dentist never stood in front of me so I would never recognize him....he spent twoinutes with me and did not wait for the tooth to become numb before pulling it. He showed no integrity or kindness. After pulling the tooth he didn't stay around to pull it out of my mouth. He acted like an arrogant man who had no time to be human. And the out two scrips on one paper- which is illegal. I... Read more

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Took the day off to go get a partial to replace 3 teeth that were pulled. Had already done research and read reviews... Some food and some bad. I still took a chance. Got there at 6 to find they had opened at 5:30 so there was a long line. The staff was very friendly form what I saw. They explained everything exaxtly the way I had read online. It definitely is an all day experience but for the price and the fact that you are getting custom made... Read more

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do not come here it is a waste of *** time. I had a partial done with only four teeth and had to come back three times for them to get it right, I stay two hours away so that was gas and time bc I worked third shift . These ppl will take your money and make you wait all day long just to get dentures that don't fit or of bad quality worse experience ever !

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Was going to come to this place from New York but after reading all of the reviews, think I'll pass.

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Arrived at 6;20 am after driving 3 hours to get there. Stood in a LONG line until 7:25 am when they announced they were not doing anymore dentures today!! So a 3 hour trip there and a 3 hour trip home and one full tank of gas later, needless to say, I am pissed! But, they so graciously said we could come back on Monday. Why? So it can happen again? the only way you can get in and get something done T THE DOOR AT 4:00 AM. (THEY DON'T... Read more

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